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Brand: Fauna Marin Prekės kodas: 18407
 LPS Grow and Color, M (100ml)  LPS Grow and Color – tai specialus LPS ir Azoo granulių maistas tobuloms spalvoms ir augimui Jūrinės dalelės specialiai LPS koralams pagamintos iš natūralių jūrinių žaliavų . Fauna Marin LPS maistas buvo sukurtas specialiai spal..
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Brand: Fauna Marin Prekės kodas: Coral Balance 250 ml
Coral Balance is a coral feed, nutrient and water conditioner in one product. Coral Balance provides your corals with nutrients such as minerals and dissolved organic substances. Due to the increased coral growth and various biological processes, the absorption of nutrients and nutrients in the mari..
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Brand: Fauna Marin Prekės kodas: 18412
 Coral dust (100ml)  CORALFOOD FOR RICORDEA, ZOANTHIDS, SHROOMS AND GONIOPORA Compound feed for corals. Coral Dust contains natural food particles combined with special proteins and particulate plankton for feeding LPS corals and anemones. Perfect for azoox sponges..
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Brand: Fauna Marin Prekės kodas: 12260
  CORAL SPRINT SPECIAL FOOD FOR SPS, LPS AND NPS CORALSFauna Marin Corals Sprint is a long-term coral food for feeding in nutrient-poor reef aquariums. Coral Sprint works in two ways: Corals absorb the nutrients directly through their surface sl..
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Brand: RubyReef Prekės kodas: Hydroplex - dip for new marine livestock & plants (480ml)
 What is HydroPlex™?HydroPlex™ is a scientifically developed copper free, antibiotic free, broad spectrum water treatment that is effective for the control of parasites and microscopic organisms found in aquaria and ornamental ponds including bacteria, ciliated protozoa, dinoflagellates, copepo..
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Brand: Two Little Fishies Prekės kodas: KMD125
 Koral MDStandard Strength Coral & Frag Dip Cleaner Conditioner Acclimator  OverviewKoral MD Coral Dip does not contain iodine. It is a prophylactic cleaner, dip and conditioner for use in cleaning new corals, live rock, and empty coral fragging & holding facili..
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Brand: BrightWell Aquatics Prekės kodas: KMDPRO30
OverviewKoral MD PRO Coral Dip does not contain iodine. It is a PROFESSIONAL strength prophylactic cleaner, dip and conditioner for use in cleaning new corals, live rock, and empty coral fragging & holding facilities. It will assist in cleaning corals prior to addit..
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Brand: PolypLab Prekės kodas: PolypLab Coral Primer SHOT
WHAT IS REEF PRIMER CORAL CONDTIIONER?:Reef primer will clean away: Zoanthid Eating NudibranchsMontipora Eating NudibranchsAcropora Eating FlatwormsBristelwormsZoanthid Eating SpidersRed FlatwormsFilamentous Hair AlgaeRapid Tissue Necrosis, Slow Tissue Necrosis, Bacterial Infections, and More.&..
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Brand: Tropic Marin Prekės kodas: TropicAFR
"Tropic Marine All For Reef" ✔ Pilnas mineralų tiekimas tik vienu komponentu.✔ Svarbiausi mikroelementai.✔ Nesusidaro šalutiniai produktai (pvz., natrio chloridas); druskingumas ir jonų balansas nesikeičia.✔ Nesusidaro anglies rūgšties perteklius.✔ Tinka akvariumui, kuriame yra minkštųjų koralų..
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