Maxspect Jump LED BLUE - 42-LED aq. apšvietimas (65W)

Maxspect Jump LED BLUE - 42-LED aq. apšvietimas (65W)
Maxspect Jump LED BLUE - 42-LED aq. apšvietimas (65W)
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Maxspect Jump LED 65W Blue

Viena sistema, daug spektrų

Visas spektras su kelių lygių spalvų temperatūros technologija

Kai kurios šviesos diodų sistemos praranda iki 40 % savo galios, kai nustatomos skirtingos spalvų temperatūros, o "Maxspect Jump L165 LED" sistema veikia 95-100 % (62-65 W) maksimalaus efektyvumo tarp skirtingų spalvų profilių.

MJ-L165 specifikacija
Maxspect Jump MJ-LI160 LED leidžia atlikti įvairius nustatymus, pvz., Mėnulio šviesos fazę su automatiniu Mėnulio šviesos ciklu

MJ-L165 Blue Specification

Technical Specification:

Rate Power65w
Suit for Tank30 - 60cm/12" - 24"
(LED Module)
(Stand not included)


  • The Maxspect MJ-L165 is suitable for aquariums from 30 to 60 x 60 x 60 cm (L x W x H).
  • For aquariums with SPS corals,  one MJ-L165 module per 30 cm aquarium length is required.

An example: for a SPS coral tank with a length of 180 cm, 6 modules of the Maxspect MJ-L165 LED are required.

MJ-L165 Sizes

MJ-L165 Blue Sizes

MJ-L165 Blue SPS AB+ Spectrum Explained

Program plan for the acclimatization of new corals

To get your corals used to the new light conditions, you have the option of creating a lighting plan using the SynaG app, in which the light intensity increases gradually within the defined time.

This way you get your corals gently used to the new lighting.

An intelligent aquarium management system with the Syna-G Cloud app

The Syna-G cloud platform enables you to control your LED system from anywhere in the world.

The Syna-G Cloud App also allows you to program a moonlight with the automatic moon cycle or set up an acclimatization program for the corals so they can adapt to the new light.

A profile library enables easy access and sharing of setting profiles.

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