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Maxspect Nano Tech Bio Plus (25vnt)

Maxspect Nano Tech Bio Plus (25vnt)
Maxspect Nano Tech Bio Plus (25vnt)
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"Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Plug" yra inertiški ir sudaryti iš 100 % mažų keraminių rutuliukų.

  • Optimali poringa struktūra
  • Skatina koralų augimą
  • Taip pat naudojamas kaip organinė medžiaga

The structure of the Nano-Tech Bio Media consists essentially of many small globules that are very close to each other, so that there is only one point of contact between the individual beads, which allows water to run in between easily. This technology has long been used in wastewater treatment. It is called aerated biological filter (W-BAF). However, when treating wastewater, these beads are not in the form of spheres, blocks or plugs. They are used as a sandbed technique. But that's not very practical for use in aquaristics. That's why we've decided to make balls, blocks and plugs with these globules using a patented technology that is much easier for aquarists to use.

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